Changing NZ's flag would be 'idiotic'

Last updated 12:00 06/10/2014
New Zealand flag

WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY: We should stay united and keep the flag.

What should be on NZ's flag?

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Janis Barbour said her flag incorporated the two flags we already have - one symbolising British history, the other symbolising Maori culture.
Alan Davidson Zoom
The Southern Cross over Aotearoa

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We should not have to change the flag at all. Why? It's not broken. There is nothing wrong with it! All it will do is waste time, and money.

The people who are voting towards changing this flag are young and not thinking about New Zealand's history. They don't acknowledge that their forefathers fought for and possibly died under, the flag that we have now.

Not to mention a huge reason - the colonisation of New Zealand. Without England, you and I would not even be here today. Who knows what this country would be like if it weren't for them. They. Are. Why. We. Are. Here. Shouldn't we show our appreciation by keeping the flag as is?

Changing a historical New Zealand artifact - is this what you want, New Zealand?

We now have a Prime Minister who wants to pretend he is like Alex Salmond in Scotland, and thinks he can make a name for himself. We are a united country, and we should stay united, not fragment what we have right now by breaking off from the Union.

Vote to keep the flag as it is and make John Key rethink what he has planned. This is an idiotic and foolish move. Please, keep the flag the way it is and use the money for other things.

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