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Last updated 16:40 05/06/2015
Lecretia Seales

Lecretia Seales, seen with her husband Matt Vickers in 2009, passed away early Friday.

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Wellington lawyer Lecretia Seales did not get her dying wish, with a High Court judge ruling she wasn't allowed help to die at a time of her own choosing. 

The 42-year-old, who died early on Friday of natural causes, had terminal brain cancer.

Her efforts to legalise euthanasia have ignited the death-with-dignity debate in New Zealand. Our readers shared their thoughts on the subject.

5. Rita_Brisbane wrote a heart-felt tribute:

"What a beautiful selfless and strong woman. To spend her last moments fighting not only for herself, but for others to come. Condolences to her family, especially her loving Mother. Free from pain now. Goodbye beautiful Lucretia."

 Loulou shared the experience of watching a sister in pain:

"I watched my sister suffer through this insidious disease and it was heartbreaking; by the end she was a shell of the person she was - she hated not only being trapped inside her body, in pain and incapable of even touching her face, but knowing that her children and family would watch her suffer.

"If she had the choice I don't know if she would have chosen differently, but she would have at least had the choice. It is time the law changed to reflect the wishes of the person affected, not to satisfy the morals of an unjust society. Rest in peace Lucretia - my deepest sympathies to your family, loved ones and friends."

3FoxyLoxy0 shared support for Seales' case:

"Someone below questioned the meaning of 'Death with Dignity'. There is no dignity in vomiting up your own faeces, or having your breast hang out the side of your nightgown because while the hospice staff are angels, sometimes they are just too busy to notice. Not being able to hold your own vomit bag, or crying out in immense pain while a carer does their best to move you with as little discomfort as possible. For most terminally ill patients, it is the worry of how much pain and loss of dignity they will suffer. When it starts to become too much to bear, can we not simply let them say goodbye and slip away peacefully?"

2. DavidBrent brought a contrasting view:

"I have deep sympathy for Lecretia's situation, but allowing people the right to kill themselves or others to kill them has massive implications for our society, especially the most vulnerable and the medical profession who for thousands of years have taken the oath not to kill people. Scotland MPs looked at this issue only last week and voted Euthanasia down due to the associated risks of promoting suicide for some but not others. "Nor shall any man's entreaty prevail upon me to administer poison to anyone; neither will I counsel any man to do so" - Hippocratic Oath "

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1. We'll leave the final word to Umbunu:

"Brave woman. THIS issue needs debating much much more than a new flag."


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