New Zealand flag: which way are you going?

Last updated 20:44 08/03/2016

Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue) is the PM's pick for the new flag.

New Zealand flag: which way are you going?

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So this is it... Voting's under way as Kyle Lockwood's blue/black fern design goes head-to-head with the current New Zealand flag in the latest flag referendum.

What do you think of the way the process has run so far? Did you cast a vote in the first referendum? Have you decided which way to vote in the second? 

Are you happy with the alternative design or were you backing another contender? Has the result made you more or less likely to vote for change now?

Maybe you're hoping if you vote 'no change' now, there'll be another chance for change in the future? How likely do you think that is? 

Share your thoughts on the future for New Zealand's flag by clicking the green 'contribute' button below. 

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