Has tech taken over your life?

Last updated 10:51 15/02/2017

Are you glued to your smart phone - or the proud owner of a brick?

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Nokia’s famous brick, the 3310, is set to make a comeback. Have you still got yours from first time round - or are you a fully paid-up member of the smart phone club?

We want to hear about how you use tech - whether you’re an Apple evangelist or staging a solo resistance against the 4G takeover.

Was life easier when all you had to worry about was snail mail and remembering your landline number?

Has technology allowed you to do things you never could have done before?

Do your kids put you to shame with their tech know-how - or do you reckon older generations are unfairly stereotyped as being stuck in the dark ages?

How do you think technology is changing society and the way we interact?

Hit the big green button to have your say or email As always, we prefer submissions of 300 words or more.

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