Pet of the day: Ziggy's guilty face - priceless

Last updated 05:00 20/03/2017

Ziggy has ruined a lot of our stuff. But this look on his face, trying to feign innocence? Priceless.

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Ziggy was 6 months old at the time of this photo. Here is a list of all the things he had eaten, destroyed or dug up:

* 1 x barbecue cover
* 12 x outdoor solar lights
* 3 x doormats
* 1 x outdoor deck chair
* Underground irrigation system
* 2 x gardening pots
* 4 x rose bushes
* Various plants
* 1 x sweatshirt
* 1 x thermal
* 1 x clothesline handle
* 1 x dog bed

Guilty face, trying his hardest to pretend it wasn't him? Priceless.

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* Pixie, the perfect cairn terrier
* Pizza-obsessed pup
* Edmund the explorer

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