Pet of the day: Diggity-dog Kano

Last updated 05:00 07/04/2017

Have you ever seen such a heart-melting stare?

Kano, a regular garden-hand

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Meet Kano. He's eight and a half kilos of unstoppable energy, fun and sweetness.

After just two months with us, he has already embedded himself in mine and my partner's hearts, and managed to firmly determine his position in our family.

He's 15 weeks old, and as a rescue pup hailing from SPCA Rotorua, his breed is unknown. We think he's a whippet cross. Crossed with what is still up for debate, but we've had people guess lab, or some kind of terrier.

We’re not too worried though, he'll be what he'll be and we'll love him anyway. We do secretly hope there's no giant breed in there though - I’m only 5'2!

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Like a lot of pups, Kano is a bundle of joy and an absolute little monkey.

He partakes in all the usual puppy pastimes: from stealing socks (and more!), to "helping us" by digging holes when we're gardening - see the video for a classic example of Kano helping me with weeding the other weekend.

Kano is also very intelligent. I know I may be biased - in truth, I undoubtedly am - but we've been amazed at how quickly he has learnt basic commands including "sit", "down", "come", and even tougher ones like "stay" and "heel".

It probably helps that Kano is unwaveringly determined to do anything for a treat! In fact, ask anything of him without a treat in your hand, and once he’s followed through, he’ll trot over to the cupboard where they live and sit in waiting.

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We can’t wait to share a lifetime of fun with Kano, and look forward to him becoming what we’re sure will be an amazing, smart and precious dog. Watch this space!

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