Life stories: So young, so loved, so missed

Last updated 14:21 16/09/2012
Tim Wortelboer

FAMILY FAVOURITE: Tim Wortelboer died in a car crash in 2009. This is one of his family's favourite photos of him.

Tim Wortelboer and his family
Tim Wortelboer, wearing the hat, and his family. His brother Nick, is seated with him. Also in the photo are younger brother Ben and parents Ross and Sue.

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This is my little brother Tim. He was killed while a passenger in a car accident on May 3, 2009. He was 18 years old.

We have just tried to celebrate his birthday without him for the fourth time.

We are a family of five with three boys, Tim being the middle sibling.

Tim was a typical middle child - the most adventurous of us. He was so active socially and I think loved to push the boundaries, especially with our parents.

Tim loved snowboarding, his cars and living it up with his mates. He lived for hanging out with the many friends he had.

Tim was part way through a course in welding and fabrication and I remember thinking how dedicated he was.

He was never late and was on to every project as soon as it was assigned. I remember thinking how brilliant at this he would become.

Unfortunately he did not get to complete his final project, which was a chiminea (outdoor fire) for our garden.

Tim's classmates got together to complete his design. It is a great reminder of him.

In a testament to Tim as a person, his friends still stop by and keep us up to date on their lives.

It's nice to know they are also still missing him.

If I could speak to him again I would tell him that nothing is the same without him... so young, so loved, so missed.

Your Family xox

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