Holiday horror: Hiccups in Hanmer

Last updated 11:12 19/09/2012

COLD COMFORT: We arrived in Hanmer to find the lovely room we had booked was unavailable. The pipes had frozen and burst.

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I booked (what should have been) a lovely whirlwind holiday down to Christchurch.

We planned to fly down, spend a couple of days at the Heritage, hire out a car and then drive up to Hanmer before heading further north and catching the ferry home.

On the day of arrival, my partner lost her bag, which carried all of our spending money for the trip and her passport.

It was a bit of an oversight to carry so much cash, but in my youthful exuberance I didn't really consider it till it was gone.

Forty-eight uneventul hours later, still in Christchurch, I'd decided to kickstart the day with a bacon-and-egg pie at a certain local pie chain, which gave me the worst case of food poisoning in my life.

My stomach spent the next 24 hours attempting to evacuate any orifice, while my body tried to freeze itself to death to escape the agony.

After a night without sleep it was time to pick up the rental car for the drive north. Turns out the car class I had booked and paid for - the only class I could rent given my age at the time - was not available.

A car in my class was returning later that day, so we waited. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive until late enough that we didn't get to Hanmer until early evening. The day of relaxtion was thrown out the window.

We arrived at the Heritage in Hanmer and the lovely room we had booked was unavailable. The pipes had frozen and burst. There was only one other room (a stuffy little pre-fab cabin), and given the events of the previous day, I couldn't be bothered upping sticks to find somewhere else. We were offered free room service to make up for the hassle.

The room service was ordered at 7pm and, several phone calls over the course of an hour and a half later, the food finally arrived, but I began to wish it hadn't. A sub-supermarket microwave butter chicken, a "might as well have made it myself" quality pizza, and some questionable musselss capped things off perfectly.

At least the drive up to Picton and the ferry ride home were reasonable.

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