Travel tip: My must-haves

Last updated 05:00 20/09/2012
Sky pillow
SKYHIGH SUPPORT: after flying for 60 hours in eight days, the neck pillow has become a treasure.

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When I'm going on a long flight, there are things you'll never catch me without:

1. An aisle seat is a must-have for me. Not only do I get more leg room, I also have easy access to stand up and move about without bothering the people next to me.

2. Pressure stockings are good for flights to reduce the swelling in your legs. But they are so expensive. If you've been in hospital, you might have been given a pair (hideous yes, but they serve the same purpose.). My advice is: hold onto them and wear them on the plane. You will thank me when you don't have a case of Deep Vein Thrombosis nor really sore feet after landing.

3. The closer to the front you can sit, the better. There are so many times where I have been on flights where the kitchen runs out of half the meal option, so someone gets sidelined with the dodgy choice. If you're up the front, you get first choice. It also means it is easier to get on and off the plane with departing and landing.

4. A travel pillow. I always used to think people who carried these were silly, but after flying for 60 hours in eight days, the neck pillow has become a treasure for me. It prevents you waking up with your neck tilted to one side, and dribble all down your shirt. Instead of dribbling on your clothes in your sleep, you now can breathe easy knowing its only going to be on the pillow - no one else will know. It also prevents tension knots forming in your neck, and endless aching muscles from sleeping at an akward angle.

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