Mac attacks life after illness

Last updated 14:51 26/09/2012
Mac the fox terrier

BACK TO LIFE: Mac the fox terrier.

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This is our 5-year-old fox terrier cross, Mac.

He has always been fairly spoilt but ever since he was diagnosed with auto-immune haemolytic anaemia (AHIA) and was knocking on death's door, "spoilt" has been taken to a whole new level.

During the his sickness he was hand-fed and little drink bottles were put in his mouth. He slept approximately 23-hours a day, and had lost all enthusiasm; when we took him for a walk, he literally turned around and tried to walk himself home. The vet said he was one lucky wee dog to survive. Lucky wee dog.

I think this went straight to his head, because ever since then he's been pushing the limits.

He gets birthday and Christmas presents, which usually consist of one or two Animates toys, a packet of tennis balls, cheap $2 shop toys and a food item of some sort.

He sleeps on the bed, under the covers, with whoever he choses for the night (often he goes from one bed 'til the next).

When my mother works night shift, and sleeps until 1pm, Mac tries everything he can to get her out of bed early so he can go on a walk. He likes to sleep in, he often stays in bed longer than the rest of us, but apparently 1pm is a little too late.

Come 6.30pm at night he's whining and practically singing a little song to remind us to feed him. The longer you leave it, the louder he gets. He always gets treats with his meal: whether that's left overs, an egg or even meat/bones.

He sulks when he doesn't get what he wants, or if you don't greet him the minute you walk in the door. He just packs a tantrum and hides under the bed until we cater to him.

He has clothes to keep him warm, which he wears on his walk when its cold, raining and even snowing.

He tries his hardest to make it obvious when he's cold, so we will cover him with a little blanket, turn the heat-pump up or give him a cuddle.
I guess it's not until your pet is knocking on death's door you realise the lengths you would go to keep it alive.

We always said we would never pay that much in vet bills, but you know what... we did and don't regret it.

He definitely rules the roost, but that's OK. It's a little bit cute, a little bit annoying , but we just have to look into his eyes and remember his dark days to realise it's worth it.

He's got to be one of the best dogs we've had.

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