Life stories: Fearless, determined, a brother figure

Last updated 16:00 27/09/2012

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It's the kindness found in human nature that sees us romanticise the dead; an overarching respect for a life lived and now gone.

It takes a special kind of life lived, however, for there to be others who would be willing to trade if they could.

Scott Walker was only 17 when he left this world after being killed, along with a friend, in a railway crossing accident. And although we have all aged a further 10 years since it's not at all hard to imagine him as he would be now: as a father and uncle; a husband; a traveller and a leader; a respected, all-round good guy.

My admiration for Scott was not just my own; many others admired him too.

Scott was an athlete whose good sportsmanship extended far beyond the track, the road and the field.

His name is synonymous with the boy, the teenager, the guy who didn't have a bad word to say about anyone, always looking out for others. He was a big brother figure to more than one.

Scottie had a lot of heroes. He was a keen hunter, an All Blacks fan, he loved his music. His memory lives on in the first weekend of every May, RWC 2011, every time his songs are played.

Scottie was fun. He was a best mate with guys and girls, young and old, his mum and his dad, his sister and his cousins. His sense of humour was mischievous and the nature of his fun always in good spirit. He laughed a lot and had a signature grin.

It was a good life and they were good times, Scott we miss you but we also thank you.

* This piece was written by a family member.

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