A cat that won't take no for an answer

Last updated 13:43 28/09/2012

PERSISTENT PUSS: Coruba has ways of getting his own way in everything.

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We are the proud slaves to three gorgeous cats, but Coruba*(14 years) is the King in our house.

He will not accept no as an answer, no matter what. Whether it's because he wants to sit on your lap now, or chicken now, or an arm to sleep, he makes sure he is more persistent than you could ever be.

Whenever my husband or I go to the kitchen, it's like an invitation to him to get more food (never mind the fact that at any given time he will have a bowl of biscuits and one of wet food waiting for him). If you choose to ignore him and carry on washing dishes, making coffee and so on, you do so at your own risk, as you can feel him staring at you even when you have your back turned and sooner rather than later you will feel a claw or four on your legs reminding you that he is waiting...

My husband calls him the Lap Ninja as he is a big cat but can somehow sneak on to your lap without you even realising it. One minute you are cat free, the next you have this noisy, furry motor on your lap. Love it!

Almost every night he is carried to bed and sleeps on my left arm all night. He is also my sleeping in partner on the weekends. He will get up with my husband and go "looking" for food then come back to bed and tap me on the face to let him under the covers. Amazing, beautiful, intelligent, demanding, loving and so very loved, that's our Coruba.

* Named by his previous owner and we kept the theme by calling our little girl Amarula (3 years) and our youngest Sambuca (1.5 years).

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