Less beneficiary bashing, more compassion needed

Last updated 05:00 29/09/2012
HELPING HAND: A homeless man at a Porirua mall.

HELPING HAND: A homeless man at a Porirua mall.

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We are creating a culture of beneficiary bashing in New Zealand.

OPINION: The National party and others that have never been unemployed will have us believe that anyone on welfare (young, old, or sick) is stealing the taxes everyone else pays.

Empathy for others is being discouraged and being replaced with greed.

We are happy to plough millions of dollars helping finance companies and other businesses that mismanage themselves (knowing the government will give them a handout), while the directors of these companies sit on millions of dollars in real estate, investments or just kept it in off-shore banks.

We are happy to spend millions on going to war in other countries and to give politicians pay rises they do not need. Politicians are creating unemployment instead of jobs.

We do these things instead of supporting the sick, the jobless, and the poor.

Two types of society can exist: one where we create jobs, look after the jobless, the sick, the old, the young, help everyone to have an OK standard of living and there is very little crime due to people not being in need.

The other one is where we do not help these people and we pay very little to no welfare. This society will end up having more crime and homelessness.

In this society, the money that could have been spent on welfare will instead be spent on building more prisons and hiring more police and judges.

You say this could not happen? Look at South Africa and any country with no welfare system and low taxes, then look at Finland and countries with a good welfare system and higher taxes.

Both compassion and self preservation indicate that the first option (of helping people) is the better one.

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