Travel Tips: Best preparation

Last updated 05:00 05/10/2012

BACKUP: Take a photo of your suitcase and also make sure it has an indestructable name tag attached.

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Having travelled internationally quite a bit on business, and also with my family, I have learnt to follow a routine that minimises issues.

1. Despite having all my bookings stored electronically, I have two photocopies, one in my carry on and the other in my checked luggage.

2. Take a photo of your suitcase and also make sure it has an indestructable name tag attached or some unique item attached to the handle. My wife's bag was not loaded onto a plane at Madrid and the airline in NZ did not hold out much hope but found it within ten minutes via the photo and tag (a distinctive key-ring type decoration from China).

3. Check out the weather where you are going and pack accordingly. Once you have made that choice, go back and get rid of half of it. So two pairs of trou, three shirts and the same number of T-shirts will suffice for a holiday lasting months.

4. Take no more than three pairs of knickers or socks and hand-wash them every night. Even in the middle of winter they will dry in a hotel room, especially if laid out on the window sill.

5. Go with the flow. Disruptions and delays are part of international travel so make sure you are always polite and understanding to the desk crew and have enough reading to be able to pass the time. Nice people will get far more assistance than screamers and abusers.

6. Always have some cash in the currency of your destination so you can buy a drink or food if the flight is delayed and you arrive after currency desks have closed or if your bag is lost.

7. Always book and isle seat and forget the window views. Isle gives you leg room, the ability to go the loo whenever you choose without having to annoy the isle seat and allows you access to your hand luggage above.


What has made you travel experiences that much more pleasurable?

From saving yourself time at the airport , to getting a better room, to that thing you would never leave behind - share you travel advice gems with others.

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