Can you fix the economy?: New Zealand needs a plan

Last updated 05:00 06/10/2012

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We asked you how to fix the economy and were flooded with responses. We'll be running these in the coming days. To contribute to the debate hit the green button below.

New Zealand needs a strategic plan just like any business. What are our key sources of income? How is that going to change over the next few years? What are the impediments to growth?

We need to fix the Government's revenue in a fair way.

The rich don't pay much tax due to all the loopholes - raising the higher income tax bracket just penalises the middle class for working hard.

We need to tax investment property appreciation and close loopholes for anyone owning a business. The Government needs revenue to spend on infrastructure and projects that will increase tourism.

Giving welfare handouts is not helping. Certain groups need a helping hand but not in terms of handouts - they need to be educated about healthy eating, budget control, alcohol/drug rehabilitation.

GST should be removed from fruit, vegetable and educational resources and the tax on alcohol and tobacco should be increased. Marijuana should be legalised and taxed.

Schools need to produce healthy individuals who are innovators not robots.

The maximum hours in a working week should be enforced. Companies should have to employ more people if a job requires more than 40 hours and part-time work should be encouraged.

I also believe local government bureaucracy needs to be axed - there are too many employees there wasting tax revenue and achieving nothing.

The Government also needs to repeal the Resource Management Act and replace it with something better. Someone needs to be tough in urban planning and make our cities more beautiful rather than an eyesore for tourists - the local councils have failed.

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