What I'm watching: Dexter, Season 7 (Spoiler alert)

Last updated 10:14 08/10/2012
CUTTING STUFF: Michael C. Hall is Dexter.

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With the first episode of season seven behind us (at least stateside, that is) we return to our anti-hero Dexter Morgan, the baddie killing machine.

There have been some stellar guests over the years such as Christian Camargo, Jaime Murray, Jimmy Smits, John Lithgow, Julia Stiles, Colin Hanks and, for season seven, Jason Gedrick.

Dexter is a blood splatter analyst by day, working for Miami Dade Homicide.

Debra Morgan started out in vice dressing up as a hooker and busting Johns in hotel rooms. She is now the captain.

Each season has told its own story, focusing on a certain main bad guy but dealing with others along the way.

Without saying too much, in case you have not watched the previous seasons, Dexter has a brother, a sister and a dad who are all key people.

He dispatches the bad guys that slip through the justice system and therefore get away, in some cases, with murder.

Dexter's job allows him to be very meticulous and even though there have been close calls, we arrive at the end of season six and pure dumb luck busts his pastime wide open to his closest most devoted supporter, his foster sister Deb (the police captain).

If you have not seen the show yet I urge you to.

Season seven's opening scene recounts Deb catching Dexter killing Hanks. Throughout the first episode things go from bad to worse, with Dexter's life and secrets tumbling fast around him.

Deb gets suspicious about similarities with other, earlier cases, and starts to do some digging. What she finds will them against each other.

Will this be the last season? No, the actors have negotiated 24 episodes, so we will get a Season eight, but with Michael C Hall (Dexter) and other major cast members reportedly wanting $US1 million per episode,  season eight will likely see the story-line arc come to a permanent end.

Will Dexter be killed off? Will he have to kill his sister to keep her quiet? Will she join him as Julia Stiles did in season five and they will kill together? Who knows, but I for one will be watching.

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