Can you fix it: Let's go organic

Last updated 09:30 01/11/2012

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We need politicians with the political will and personal courage to change. There is a huge IT culture in NZ and the largest companies on Earth are increasingly becoming web based, after all this is where the world does business.

We have a fantastic opportunity to become a totally organic farming country - trading on our clean green image. Organic food is priced at the top end and we could sell more than we produced.

Stop talking about oil and start thinking about selling our ideas. There are businesses in New Zealand designing products for countries around the world, let’s capitalise on the fact we think differently in an increasingly same global economy.

Let’s start a long-term view of our country and put real money into education. Our current education system is totally out of touch with skills the real world wants.

Instead of making heroes out of sportspeople let’s celebrate people with a brain for a change.

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