Amazing year reduced to four minutes

Last updated 08:01 02/11/2012
osh Neilson takes it to the edge.

WHAT A LIFE: Josh Neilson takes it to the edge.

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Josh Neilson, 28, spent a year kayaking in California and Norway, on a safari in Uganda, and surfing every day he was in Nicaragua - and he caught it all on film. He has condensed it into a four-minute video, so his family and friends can see what he got up to and as a way of thanking his sponsors.

I set off at the start of May to promote my latest documentary Transcendence, an extreme sports psychology film based on the thesis of a doctor from Australia.

I left New Zealand and did film shows in California, Brisbane, Colorado, Norway, Uganda and Nicaragua before returning home.

'My Year in Four Minutes' is what I got up to in between film shows. I usually travel with a group of close friends on kayaking trips around the world but the last two years I travelled alone and met them in different places along the way.

This film is made up of all the highlights from the year! The best were all the film shows, kayaking Dinkey Creek in California and double drop in Norway, safari in Uganda and surfing every day in Nicaragua.

Getting malaria again in Uganda was definitely the low light! Having to travel 50hrs by plane back to California mid malaria took a lot of patience and determination.

I first got malaria in 2006, which would actually be the reason for me getting into film making professionally. I got it again on a trip to Africa in 2009 and now I have had it three times - preventive medication and all.

I'm in New Zealand till May, then when it starts to get cold I'll head off for a new adventure.

There are new film ideas on the horizon and with some funding they will become new works of art in time. I will live in Okere Falls for the summer and kayak, surf and hang with friends.

My Year in Four Minutes from Southern Underground Productions on Vimeo.

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