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Last updated 05:00 04/11/2012

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Basic pasta sauces are easy, freeze well and can be quickly added to a meat or vegetable dish.  

Tomato Sauce

1 can chopped tomatoes in thick sauce

1 onion, chopped

1 teaspoon of crushed garlic or 1 garlic clove (segment) mashed

1 dried bay leaf

1 heaped tsp dried basil

1 cup of ready made chicken stock or stock cube dissolved in water

1 teaspoon sugar

1 Tbsp tomato paste or pizza sauce

A shake of salt and pepper

Stick everything in a pan, give a good stir and simmer (just bubbling not boiling) for 30 minutes stirring as the sauce thickens.

Take out the bayleaf and freeze or store covered in the fridge for three or four days. Fancy it up with either a dash of chilli powder or 2 or 3 tablespoons of cream (or both).

Fancy mushroom sauce

200 gms mushrooms sliced

Half a cup of chicken stock (premade or from a stock cube)

2 or 3 spring onions chopped

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

2 or 3 rashers streaky bacon chopped

Half a cup of cream

Quarter of a cup of roasted peanuts

Shake of salt and pepper

Fry the bacon in a tiny bit of oil until its just cooked. Add the sliced mushrooms and cook for five minutes.

Add stock and Worcestershire sauce and simmer for 10 minutes without stirring, add salt and pepper, spring onions and cream - bring back to the simmer for five minutes or until sauce thickens a bit. Add peanuts.

Use these sauces stirred through pasta or poured over a baked/grilled chicken breast or steak; or

Add mince (or diced chicken or pork) to a pan with a tablespoon of oil stirring till just coloured (break up the mince with a spoon or fork to get rid of any lumps). Add the sauce to the meat and cook for 30 mins - serve over rice or pasta. Alternative.y, use mixed vegetables for a vegetarian version.

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