My presidential promise: Gay marriage

Last updated 05:00 08/11/2012

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Although I don't know a lot about in the ins and outs of politics or even being president, things that I would address would be:

* The gay marriage situation and equal rights
* Unemployment/unemployment benefits
* Addiction
* The lottery
* Economy

Much like Obama, I support gay marriage. I would ensure that, legal age in mind,  people could be married to whomever they choose - regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

I would also ensure that equal rights were part of our society - whether it be schools or work environments etc... Everyone should have the exact and same rights.

Jobs are the answer to unemployment, though easier said than done, and I would also make the benefit fair to those who need it and hard to get for those who don't.

I would also figure out ways to increase income for solo mothers or fathers who are on the unemployment benefit or studying, so that they do not have to go without just to feed and clothe their child.

Breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction, an issue that has hit home personally, needs to be a priority. We need to do all we can for the people willing to give up and more for those who need convincing too.

We need more centres dedicated to helping people with addiction to be rehabilitated. This requires more funding and will help reduce the per patient cost.

I also think the lottery needs addressing - in that there are too few jackpots and winners. I want more, smaller, jackpots. I believe that $20 million, for example, is a ridiculous amount to give one person or family.

And, finally, the economy. I believe we need to find ways to build a more stable economy - removing the constant peaks and troughs.

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