Politics: Stop the bickering, already

Last updated 05:00 08/11/2012
SIGN OF THE TIMES: Petty part politics?

SIGN OF THE TIMES: Petty part politics?

david shearer
Labour leader David Shearer
John Key
JOHN KEY: The prime minister.

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First of all - the picture included here is just an example. It's a graph I found through a Google image search, which comes from the Labour party blog.

Its content is irrelevant but the image is representative of, what I think, is the biggest problem in our Government at the moment.

If you look at any official source for either of our major parties you'll see a lot of similar images - "X did Y under the Labour Government", "Z has risen A since National took over Government".

There's very much a Labour vs. National culture at the moment. This is understandable, of course, considering they're rivals, and the two biggest parties in our Government. Understandable, but also somewhat undermining.

It seems the powers that run our country are spending more time and effort focusing on "who is better than whom" or "what we did better" or "what these guys are doing wrong".

It's all very well to ensure that the failings of the Government are known so something can be done about it, but how much is too much?

When does all this finger pointing end up being detrimental to New Zealand's interests?

I can't help but feel it would be far more productive for the government to work together, and for the strengths of one part of the Government to help make up for the failings of another.

Labour and National both have their strengths, and weaknesses.

Instead of finger pointing at these weaknesses it would be in our best interests to work together and focus on fixing problems instead if shifting around blame.

Somehow I don't see this happening in the foreseeable future, so it seems we as a country will have to put up with a popularity contest in the Beehive instead of reaping the benefits of a unified (at least somewhat) and co-operative Government.

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