Well-hung guardian wins hearts

Last updated 06:51 08/11/2012
EVERYBODY LOVES BOB: A cat who looks after them all.

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In 2010, while I had returned to America to attend to some family stuff back in New York, a grey stray cat showed up at the house. The kids tried to feed him, but he was scared, and all he wanted to do was hang out under the house, near to the firebox for the fireplace.

I returned home and was able to coax him out from under the house, ever so slowly getting him into the house. Once I had a good look at him, I could tell he was barely out of kittenhood but was ginormous nonetheless. Then I named him Bob - Big Old Boy. He went from being a shy, literal scaredy cat to being my shadow. His timing was impeccable too, because he arrived right at the time that I needed. I know now he was a gift, from one of the many loved ones who have already left this world for the next.

The funniest Bob story was taking him to the vet to get him neutered. When I went to pick him up the vet tech said that he had the biggest set that any of them had ever seen. He might not have them physically anymore, but he still is fearless, all 9 kilograms of him.

Bob has settled in well, and I can't imagine him not being here. He guards the chooks and pet bunnies from predators, and even manages to keep an eye on the other two girl cats and protect them from any strays that come into the yard. (For which they repay him with hissing and growling, but hey.)

If I am out in the yard, gardening or hanging out the washing, there he is. And he is also rather particular that we get to bed at a decent hour too, or you hear about it.

Everyone loves Bob, and people come over now and the first thing they ask is "Where is Bob?" and he comes over for his rightful worship from the humans.

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