If I were president: I'd lead by example

Last updated 09:30 08/11/2012

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Holding the most powerful office in the world wouldn't be easy. There are a lot of issues facing the world right now and a lot of pressure on the United States president to make the right decisions.

But here's what I'd do:

First I'd set a group up to look into corruption among politicians. There is an extraordinary amount of money being paid out to senators and representatives and this would be eliminated if I were president. That way there would be no pressures from large industries, such as meat, oil, military or any other organisation that has too much money for its own good.

I would immediately end subsidies for agriculture, which would force meat manufacturers to price their products appropriately. The US spends about $20 billion a year on these subsidies, and ending them would improve proper competition, enable producers of healthy foods to have a fair shot at the market, and also reduce obesity, as unhealthy foods would become a lot more expensive.

If president, I would completely change the healthcare system so that the richest country on the planet actually has a free system (like the rest of the developed world).

I would stop worrying about what China and India are doing and lead the country toward a clean and renewable energy future. Again, I would eliminate subsidies to energy companies (which, quite frankly, don't need them) and invest heavily in state-owned energy companies which provide the nation with 100 per cent clean energy. I don't really like carbon credits, but they can work in the short term, and heavy polluters would eventually be taxed out of the market.

There's no need for world leader talks regarding the environment (and many other issues). If president, I would simply lead by example and demonstrate what can be achieved with a reasonably small amount of money, and plenty of willpower.

America's foreign policy is a mess, and I would work hard to ensure no more unnecessary wars were happening under my watch, and would end the heavy sanctions against countries such as Iran.

Wall Street would probably hate me, as I would call in all the money given to these companies, and redirect it into a new bank, controlled by the government, for the people. I would end the practice of fractional reserve banking and let the banks fail when they screw up. There would be a lot more regulation around all the clever things bankers do to make profit regardless of the real-life consquences.

What I'd do as president probably seems a little serious and, dare I say, idealistic, but I really don't care. It's the most powerful office in the world and therefore the president needs to set a huge example for the world.

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Also, I'd install slides between floors in the White House.

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