Ruling the roost: crazy Chloe

Last updated 09:30 13/11/2012

PAPER PREY: She's usually a terrible hunter, but Chloe had a great time catching and dispatching some paper planes.

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Our cat Chloe is nine years old and is our baby.

She is a long-haired brown tabby. Her tail is long and fluffy and looks like a question mark when she is running around the back yard.

Chloe is a terrible hunter and has never caught a bird, bug, mouse or even a moth. Last Christmas we had paper plane place mats, and after dinner we made our planes and were flying them off the deck. Well, Chloe thought this was great! Finally flying things that she can catch. The photo above is of her on Christmas Day loving/destroying the paper planes.

All cats seem to have their quirks and Chloe is no slouch in that department.

1) She is a chatterbox.

2) She likes to come in through the bedroom window instead of the door; she really likes to do this at 3am and cry loudly until you let her in.

3) She likes to lie on her side and pull herself around on the carpet with one paw!

4) She likes it rough! She loves it when you hit her back (not hard) and she likes it when you push her fur the other way. When you stop, she looks at you and cries. Also if she wants a rough pat she will flop down on the ground in front of your feet.

5) She loves to sit on your knee and pedal; she gets what we call her silly face and looks as though she is in total bliss.

6) She loves windy days and runs around like a crazy kitty.

7) She hates thunderstorms; when they happen, one of us has to hold her like a baby.

8) She loves to help in the garden - she will follow my husband while he does the weeding

9) She likes to be vacuumed.

I have always had cats, but there is something pretty special about Chloe. When we are home she is never far away and they say cats are solitary animals!

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