Interview nightmares: The Pizza Hut moment

Last updated 05:00 14/11/2012

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I moved to London to go on my big OE. Not long after arriving I posted my relevant skills and experience on (a free advertisement website) in the hope that a potential employer would contact me.

A few days later I received a call from a guy who had his own IT business. He was a one-man band and was looking to expand. We talked and things sounded alright. I agreed to have an interview and he said he would take me out for lunch.

Thinking that we would be going somewhere flash for lunch I dressed in my best suit and tie. He picked me up at an agreed location and proceeded to take me to Pizza Hut!

He ordered two large pizzas' - one each. We chatted away. It was quite difficult to be the one doing most of the talking and therefore I was only able to eat a couple of pieces because I struggled too much with the cheese strings - making sure I didn't get the pizza all over my nice suit.

As we talked I asked him about his office location. It was the front room of his house. The same house he shared with his wife and three young children. He just occupied the lounge during the day.

In saying this he said I would be out and about visiting clients a lot of the time and didn't want me to worry about his lounge being the office. I asked how I would get to clients - did he have a vehicle I could use? He sure did - a moped. The vision of me dressed in my nice suit, weaving in and out of busy London peak-hour traffic with a server or computer tied on the back wasn't what I was expecting for my big OE.

At this point I thought things can't get much worse. Oh but they could. As we stood to leave, he started clearing up the table, and asked if I was finished with my pizza.

There was no way I was going to be seen taking a pizza home from an interview at Pizza Hut so I politely thanked him and said I was finished. Just when I thought this can't get any worse, he closes the lid on my box and advises me he will take it home and give it to the wife and kids for dinner that night.

He dropped me off and rung the next day and offered me a job. I politely advised that it wasn't the role for me and I was looking for something more suited to my previous working experience in large corporations. He pleaded with me to take the role but I couldn't after that interview.

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