'Dysfunctional, colourful' royals link to our past

Last updated 11:30 16/11/2012
Charles and Camilla
ON TOUR: Prince Charles and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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We've asked readers what they think of the royal family and whether they still have a role to play in New Zealand. To contribute hit the green button.

As a country that is only 200 years old we need to retain all our history; we have so little.

To discard the royal family would be like divorcing our parents. We are a mature and independent nation that can celebrate our historic links without fear of being dominated; as any adult child does with it's parents once it has become self-actualised.

Having a royal family is far better than having an elected president, it is unnecessarily costly holding elections and the idiocy of George W. Bush has to be the classic example of money buying a position a rich man cannot necessarily fill adequately. Only the very rich can become presidents.

The royal family may be considered dysfunctional, as are most families in one way or another, but they are colourful and link us to our past. To discard the colour and pagentry of times gone by is to plunge us further into a very bland and boring world.

And of course they are non-political, so can comment on issues without any political motive.

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