The crown does not fit here

Last updated 05:00 17/11/2012

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The 21st century rides on a recent wave of huge global social adjustment. Two prominent spheres in this are religion and egalitarian governance.

The core religions have fractionated and lost a huge percentage of believers.

Modern science and commonsense thinking have a sizeable portion of global citizens convinced of the redundancy of being guided by various brand name belief systems or religions.

Likewise, our governance, in consideration of modern thinking about human rights and supposed equality of man, cuts right across bending the knee to perennial blue bloods.

It is in fact repugnant to consider that a class of people elevate themselves to being above commonplace mankind and let alone feel that commoners owe them allegiance.

If we can accept the basic tenet that all are born equal regardless of race or colour, our next belief must accept that it is only fair that we reach greater social status through our own efforts. Just because an ancestor might have conquered or subjugated endows no right of continued succession.

To be born free must mean no inherited subjugation. Human rights and right to justice in governance must surely provide us the right to select and endorse whom we have at the pinnacle of providing order in our society. This right should be constantly reaffirmed and operate within a society that does not give inheritance to our core leaders.

Royalty has long been a closed minority, ensconced in inherited rights, clinging to wealth and often ill gotten gains, and continuing to be a parasite on their minions.

This age is now educated and wise enough to disband the injustice of royalty and install well conceived accountable democratic governance.

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