No longer a royal requirement

Last updated 14:21 20/11/2012

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Does NZ need the royal family? We are lucky to have the Queen Royals worth sticking with, for now

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I ask you to cast your mind back for a moment.

The year is 1415. It is a frosty, crisp October morning in northern France. An English army is sat around fires, discussing the impending battle. In the middle of it all sits King Henry V, listening to the thoughts and woes of his men, seeking to sooth those who are unsure, knowing a strong lead is required.

Move forward a few hours, outnumbered vastly, those same men are marching into battle prepared to die for a king they believe in. But where is this king? He is leading his men. First into the battle, as that is where a king should be.

Now ask yourself, if we were at war today, would the Queen dress for battle and ride bravely in front of us? Would Charles pack Camilla away, bid her adieu and bravely face his death alongside his men? The short answer - no.

The royals now are a throwback to when England and the colonies required someone to lead from the front. There is no longer a requirement for this kind of patronage. We can stand on our own two feet.

While the UK sinks further into debt, the royal family continue to reap the rewards of being looked after with velvet gloves. I am fairly sure New Zealand does its part to pay for their luxury, yet we are afforded none of the benefits anymore.

Do we need the royals? No, not at all.

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