Two wheels good, four bad

Last updated 14:30 22/11/2012

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It costs over $600 to register my motorcycle each year due to the increased ACC levies and yet at least three times a week some idiot in a car, truck, or van tries to kill me. It happened twice on the way to work this morning, one of them a school bus.

It's not just people failing to adjust to the new traffic regulations either, it is simply people with appalling driving habits. The bus driver this morning came out of a side road after looking my way and simply failing to see me at a distance of no more than 20 metres.

The public sees statistics regarding motorcycle injuries, fatalities and burgeoning treatment costs and attribute it to people in older age brackets returning to riding.

So what? The evidence I have as a rider is that the reason more of us get hurt is that there are now more of us out there for the lunatics on four wheels to have a go at.

Someone needs to put helmet cams on a number of well-trained bikers and send them out into our major cities to film the hazards we encounter every day that are not of our making.

Put that on TV once a week instead of Coastwatch and see how the public's perception of motorcycle riders changes.

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