Caught well short in the surf

Last updated 07:07 26/11/2012

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When I was around 15 years old I went to Waihi for the summer to stay with some friends in a beach house that was only 600 metres from Waihi beach. This was the perfect situation because we could leave all our stuff in the house and just run down to the beach to swim.

On one of the scorching hot mornings, with the surf up, we decided to go boogie boarding. After a few hours my friends had had enough and decided to go in for lunch. I was having too much fun so I said I would catch one more wave and then come in and meet them.

As my friends were heading up the beach I saw the biggest wave of the morning coming in - they had been too hasty I thought. This was going to be the ride of the day and I wasn't going to miss it.

I quickly moved out towards the break, but in my haste I made the mistake of not hitching up my board shorts which were, in fact, far too big for me. I got on the wave just in time and was yelling triumphantly as it powerfully barrelled me into the shore. However, half way through the ride, my earlier mistake came back to haunt me as the wave pulled me back on the board and then expertly whipped off my board shorts leaving me buck naked.

I was able to come to a stop some 10 metres further on but, to my horror, my shorts had completely disappeared. I frantically searched in the murky wash but with no luck.

My friends were not quite off the beach so thinking quickly, I screamed out and started waving my hands to them to get me some new shorts. Unfortunately, the watching life guard thought that I was drowning and rushed into the water to save me.

My embarrassment did not stop there, however, because after having to explain to the lifeguard my problem - I had to ask him to ask my friends to get me another pair of shorts.

Being a good man, he did this, however my friends being the good friends that they were, decided that eating lunch and watching the last session of the NZ vs Pakistan test match was more important than rescuing me from my embarrassment.

I spent three hours in the water with everyone on the beach wondering what I was doing before they finally came back waving the shorts in the air.

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