A change for the better on The Other Side

Last updated 14:30 27/11/2012

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Depression affects tens of millions of people worldwide. It can affect a person's ability to work, form relationships, and destroy their quality of life.

At its most severe depression can lead to suicide and is responsible for 850,000 deaths every year. So many of us suffer from depression, but it is not the end. There is always a change in mood for the better.

The following is a poem for all of those people out there suffering. This is The Other Side...

Gently, the breeze closes the door behind me
Chilling it seems, one must brave the tempest
Purposefully penetrating this new world
For I can finally put this black dog to sleep

A lack of hope with no cure, that's it
Twisting the handle could take a lifetime
But letting it kill you is giving up on hope
Twist it back, hear the click - sublime

A campaign for a cure will begin now
Strict rules, yet lenient I will treat
Pick up your weapon and inaugurate freedom
Prepare groundwork, anticipate this preposterous feat

Got out of bed, your hand is out to reach
The wearisome part, is to begin the day
Improvement has commenced, do not fall behind
Step by step you will conquer - no room for dismay

Help you have sought, for it is the cure
Listen, lean and learn, you need these people
A saviour within to procure the battle
Smile, no matter how steep the steeple

The wardrobe will turn from dark to light, colour will surface
Dull you will not tolerate, you carry more value than grey
Commence the grin, for 'tis been concealed in your shadow
Above ground you are, let's make it a good day

Stand straight with your head held high
Observe the door ahead, handle is now fully grasped
So close you are, heed the qualified guidance
You will, don't give in to the dead hand of the past

Look over your shoulder at what you have achieved
Twist the logic you hold until wholesome
Healthy is achievable, body and mind, so please overcome this state
Do you see it? Speak and open the door, your mind is ready

Contemplating on what you were, what you have become
These differences will cultivate your fragile mind
Ignore all, for what you were is not on the other side of the door
Happiness, love - emotions you will find

Creaks heard as it opens, then vanishes in the storm
Good riddance to the wicked, a new world has appeared
Clench their hands to pursue this new boulevard
Crisp leaves and grass crunch beneath your feet - this is life

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Nonpareil, once again you are
Though misfortune is still out and exists
Many small journeys continue to await your command
This time, you won't need medication to assist

Glancing over multitudes of people, they are all so similar
For the common, gracious beam on their face is the same
This life of despair you have now overcome
Oh, paradisiacal serenity forever attained

Affectionately, a hand touches your shoulder, you're a stranger
Warm it is with the sun radiating on your back
It's odd; your mind has never been in this formation
Depression is laid to rest, your world no longer black

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