Easy, fresh summer chicken salad

Last updated 05:00 28/11/2012

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Main ingredient Chicken
Type of dish Salad
Course Side dish
Cooking time <30 min
Serves/makes 1+
Special options Healthy

I am from Gen Z and I was very shocked to hear that most of us do not cook from scratch at home. This is my favourite recipe and it is so simple you would be silly not to try and cook this for your self! It's so flexible with ingredients and easy to sneak in new things for your family/flatmates to try (I do it all the time). My partner never used to eat mushrooms, tomatoes and many other delicious veges but I have managed to change his mind by sneaking them into recipes like these. It is also flexible with dressings and seasonings, so get experimenting and mix it up.

Chicken breast, about half per person
Mushrooms, about one handful per person
Mixed lettuce
Spring onion
Bean sprouts
(and any other of your salad favourites)
Salt & pepper
Salad dressing (optional)
Olive oil

1. Cut chicken into strips and fry in a little olive oil. Season well with plenty of salt and pepper. You can also add any other seasoning like cajun or peri peri.

2. While this is browning in the pan, prepare your salad in a large bowl. Toss with dressing and divide evenly on to dinner plates.

3. When the chicken is done, remove from pan and place to one side. Do not add to salad yet as this will wilt the leaves.

4. Put a knob of butter and lots of salt and pepper into the pan. Add mushrooms and toss in butter for a couple of minutes.

5. Once they are done, place on top of the salad and add the chicken.


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