Taking a swipe at car drivers

Last updated 05:00 28/11/2012
WATCHFUL: The author at a favourite spot in Nelson after a sport of cycling.

WATCHFUL: The author at a favourite spot in Nelson after a sport of cycling.

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As a regular cyclist I have been doored, hit, swiped and had vehicles pull out in front of me.

I ride with the attitude that every driver on the road cannot see me.

I've tried cycle ways, which are ridiculous because it becomes the pedestrians, the elderly, animals and children being put at risk when a cyclist decides to ride at speed.

Most of the accidents I've been involved in result in the same driver excuse: "I didn't see you". In this case what the heck were they looking at? I often point out to the drivers that if I was a truck you would stop! Which is true.

I will admit to bicycle rage. I've followed vehicles and jumped on the bonnets of trucks and cars. I want to get home after my rides and anyone or anything that puts me at risk of not arriving home, I will ensure they, the drivers, get to experience the same or similar emotions I feel.

When a door opens suddenly, I tend to ride into them aiming at the corner front pillar as this is the safest option rather then trying to avoid it.

I've often hit the driver or bent their door back, however that is a far better outcome then riding into oncoming traffic or in front of traffic behind me.

I've taken to less driven roads and tracks for my safety and others. My children cycle to school, which gives me added fuel to assert myself.

When I confront drivers, I sometimes say to them jump on a bike or put your children on a bike and then put yourself in a cyclist's position.

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