Roses from my beloved Valentine

Last updated 09:30 28/11/2012
A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT: Deb Scully was delighted with her Valentines garden gift.

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A few years back we had five children living with us, and two small wages coming in.

Everyone was well taken care of, because my husband handled our budget very carefully. Although the children got everything they needed and even some of what they wanted, there certainly wasn't any room for extravagances for the parents.

I was waitressing nights and weekends. The owners and staff were wonderful but hospitality is hard yakka!

We'd also bought a lovely home big enough for the whole tribe, but it badly needed a cosmetic make-over, front to back, inside and out. Sometimes it seemed like all we did was work - house, car, gardens, kids - oh, and our jobs.

The first Valentines Day we were together as a family was a Saturday. I had to work the lunch shift, meaning my husband had not just the brood but all the weekend cleaning, washing, and feeding them as well.

So, I was expecting to get home after work and have more work to do. Instead I pulled into the driveway and everyone came out to greet me, all very excited.

They led me out to the very back of the section, and WOW! My new clothesline was installed, the two-metre high weeds were gone and there were brick steps set into the ground to get to the clothesline.

But best of all, there was a lovely garden set all around the corners of the area. In it, they had planted all my favourite roses and flowers. They had taken care to choose scented plants, so that while I was out there my senses would be distracted from the mundane chore by the beauty all around me.

The beauty was enhanced even more by the fact that everyone had pitched in and they'd achieved an amazing amount in just a few hours.

Maybe doing the washing isn't romantic, but I got to enjoy their loving, living gift every single day.

He was a wonderful gardener, so our home was often highlighted with vases of beautiful flowers, and his wonderful produce certainly helped out our grocery bills.

My dear, hard-working husband has now passed on to be with our Lord, and the house is long sold. I live far away from there now, and all I have left are memories. I will never forget the best ever Valentines Day. Rest in peace my beloved, and I hope you are surrounded by heavenly gardens.

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