Early retirement here I come

Last updated 05:00 02/12/2012

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I'm getting past middle age now (54) but when I was younger money was there to spend whether I had it or not, so I was always in a debt spiral and finally learned to be more cautious, although I still have a tendency to want the more expensive things (they usually work better and last longer).

So, if I won the big one, the first thing I'd do is get financial advice from an established and respected financial adviser.

Regardless, I'd start straight away with things I want to do but can't afford yet (like fully renovating the house) and upgrading the things we like to use the most (PC, TV etc). New car each, new motorcycles - a tourer for us and a scratcher for me!

I'd also be looking into the best way to distribute some money among family members and friends, I don't have too many, but they are very good people.

Then, I know, I'm boring, I'd work for no pay for however long it takes to train someone to do my unique job, because I like my job and I like my employer.

Next would be trips overseas to see friends, maybe some tourist stuff, maybe a cruise.

I'd go to a personal trainer to get fitter and lose the bulge in the middle. Pay for those medical procedures that I can't afford and have been waiting on the public list for such a long time for.

But, no million dollar cars or $5 million houses and super-expensive accessories, might as well burn the money, spending like that sucks it up real fast.

All of the above would equal a happy early retirement.

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