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Last updated 05:00 03/12/2012

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I've often dreamed that 6 + 1 might one day add up to 30, million that is. Even though, to this point, I still have not woken from my slumber to realise it was not a dream I continue to believe, no hope, that my dream will one day come true. Who doesn't?

A part of that dream is the belief that while that amount of money will make significant changes to my life and lifestyle, it will also allow me to make a difference to people who desperately seek cures or treatment to one of the biggest killers of women in the modern world, breast cancer.

I have discussed this possibility with my wife and we both believe that the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many women and their families would give us immense satisfaction, knowing that by sharing our luck it will in some way make the recipients of our "contribution" feel a little luckier than they have been since their diagnosis.

Herceptin is not a wonder drug and, to be completely honest, I know very little about it. I have only seen television programs/interviews and read the odd newspaper article about how it has helped so many women with breast cancer.

Unfortunately, it also comes with an unexpected, yet surprisingly more common than you might expect side effect - its cost. This is prohibitive.

My dream is to start up a Herceptin foundation that will assist in making this drug available to any and all who might need it, whether they be rich or poor, so that they can have a lot more hope in their lives and a better chance of beating this killer disease. That's all, not much to ask really.

I don't have a lot of other things that I would like to do with that amount of money except the usual travel and "boys toys" wishlist, so if I could in some way change the lives of those who didn't ask to develop breast cancer then I would achieve an immense amount of satisfaction from the opportunity.

And, after all my travel and prolonged use of some of my "toys", I'd die a very happy man knowing that I, in some small way, made a difference.

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