Can you fix the economy? It starts with housing

Last updated 05:00 04/12/2012
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SALES LIMIT: Helen Auger says we should only let New Zealanders buy property.

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Helen Auger outlines her plan for fixing New Zealand's economy - and it starts with housing.

We need to get back to basics with good wages, affordable housing, limiting immigration to skilled people and training in trades. These things will turn NZ back to what it was and people will again have something that sadly is lacking in our society: PRIDE

Several things need to happen to fix New Zealand's economy:

  • Limit the number of so-called investment properties a person can have. Prices have risen due to demand from two sectors - immigrants who come here with the money to buy and investors who drive up prices so the ordinary person doesn't stand a chance. Sometimes the landlord is a combination of both - an investor living overseas. We should only let New Zealanders buy property, and have a tax that puts investors off so they invest in other things to help the economy.
  • Land cost is also an issue in high prices. A developer is not going to put a cheap house on an expensive section.
  • We need to start paying decent wages without government top-ups in the form of Working for Families, as this is not helping workers. Many people have trouble raising the deposit, then they have trouble getting a mortgage big enough to buy because their income is so low.
  • We need to stop overseas companies coming here and taking their profits offshore.
  • The more people earn the more tax they should pay and the more the Government can invest.
  • We need to focus on high-end agriculture, not try and compete with China.

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