Devious millionaire lotto plan

Last updated 11:30 04/12/2012
Will Smith
GOOD SAMARITAN: Will Smith's character in Seven Pounds sets out to change the lives of seven people before he dies.

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I read a lot of articles on where people are hard done by, need a hand etc, and I wish I could help most of them. But my very modest income cannot solve their problems. However, if I were to win big in lotto, I would definitely give back.

Apart from the obvious, buy a home, help out family, set my kids up for life, I would spend a lot of my time being devious and sneaky because I think that would be fun.

It would be a mix of the secret millionaire meets Seven Pounds - that Will Smith movie.

I would seek out families, people, organisations, businesses and see for myself what I could do for them. I would want to know if they deserved it and make sure it was going to change their lives/community for the better.

I'd also want to set something up, some sort of educational scheme for local kids. But I wouldn't just give money away because they can write a good proposal. Nope, I do not roll that way. I would make them work over their summer for it by going to rest homes, recycling stations and community gardens. A bit like a PhD I guess, but instead their efforts will pay for their university/polytechnic tuition for a year. There's nothing like that feeling of knowing you have earned your dollars (ironically).

Then because I am this type of person, I would also:

  • Buy all the raffle tickets to a $40 meat pack raffle.
  • Buy a cheap but nice car, and then ask all those who were interested to race down the main street on unicycles and the first one there would win it.
  • Have a massive treasure hunt and post clues in the newspaper each week.
  • Hire someone for the day to be my personal assistant, with a good pay check at the end and all we would do is get drunk.
  • Grant someone's last wish.
  • Go to gas station and everyone who was there I would fill up their cars.
  • Walk down the street and give money out to everyone that smiled at me. That would be fun!

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