Beneficiary says 'stop abusing us'

Last updated 14:30 04/12/2012

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Beneficiaries. The first thing that comes to mind is: "Filthy person who either can't keep her legs closed and keeps popping out children, or way too lazy to get a real job."

I, for one, am neither of these. The benefit has kept me supported for the past two years while I struggle to find a job to support me and my son. Mainly because people won't hire someone with no experience. I try very hard to find a job, any job, but I am terrified that because I have no experience I will be working part-time hours earning minimum wage. With things like rent to pay and a family to raise, $270 a week just won't cut it. I was too afraid to get a job because of that.

I would like to say to you complainers, stop abusing beneficiaries. Yes, some abuse the system, but there are genuine people who are afraid, in need of support and the benefit is their only hope. We don't like being on it just as much as you don't like that your tax is paying for it. Just stop being so cold-hearted and up tight and think about someone else for a moment.

I have just recently discovered something that I would like to share with all parents: Family tax credits. Most parents would have heard of this but did you know that if you are working 20 hours as a sole parent or 30 hours as a couple with a child family tax credits are there to help? There is a minimum tax credit which if you are earning $270 (minimum wage before tax for working 20 hours) will be $192, a family tax credit  for one child under 13 which is $92, and there is a work tax credit which is $60. So you can get $344 in tax credits. So for all you beneficiaries who were in my boat and too afraid you will be living on the skins of your ass, there is help out there!

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