Letters of apology: I was raised just fine, thanks

Last updated 11:30 05/12/2012

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Letters of apology to teachers Do you love teaching?

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Dear sir,

When my form one teacher had a stroke they called you to fill in for the rest of the year.

Unfortunately we didn't like you. I say it as a collective because I truly believe this to be true. In our young eyes you were a tall, lanky, odd looking man who walked with a bob and sprayed spittle when he talked.

When time came to talk about school camp and I heard you were going I didn't really mean to blurt out, "are you coming with us?" in a condescending tone.

However, unfortunately I did.

But did you have to retort with "Don't your parents raise you correctly?" Lord almighty, you certainly hit the nuclear red button then.

You weren't to know that my mother raised four children on her own and did an exemplary job.

You also weren't to know that she had recently married someone who, in my eyes, was a 'horrid little man' and you didn't know that I had two step sisters from HELL! So my life wasn't exactly peach,  but I had utmost respect and love for my mother. Woe betide anyone that spoke ill of her.

So surely you can understand me telling you to 'F**k Up!" and storming out of the class in tears. Being the good little girl that I was (because, I honestly was. My mother raised me well) I went straight to the office, asked to speak to the principal and told him exactly what I had just done.

I sat in the sick bay and sobbed myself silly because I believed my life was over. I'd just sworn at a teacher!

To my disbelief you eventually came in and apologised to ME! When I think about it know I believe that to be correct but I also believe I owe you an apology.

I'm sorry I swore at you, I'm sorry I never gave you a chance. I'm sure you're actually a very good teacher and I truly hope you got some nice students along the way.


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