Morning sickness stories: Hangover that won't go away

Last updated 11:30 06/12/2012
WARNING SIGNS: Are the things that make pregnant women feel sick the things they should avoid?

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As if the pure exhaustion of early pregnancy isn't enough, imagine vomiting, gagging on every smell and sight, not being able to face food and drooling constantly with nausea. That was my experience with my first pregnancy.

I remember praying to feel better as I felt like I had a hangover that wouldn't go away.

I lay in bed day and night and the only peace from it all was when I did manage to sleep. I lost a litre a day just from saliva drooling from my mouth as I was always so ill.

Just as I was at the point of it all being too much and spending time in hospital on a drip, week 12 finally came.  All of a sudden I became well.

Second pregnancy, second son, I had no sickness.

Third pregnancy, third son, four years later, so ill again. I was back to spending three months in bed sick.

I couldn't handle the smell of washing powder, perfumes, food cooking, the sounds of the radio playing - anything and everything seemed to make me sick.

I remember crying in bed during the day as I heard my children and their dad playing outside as I felt like I had no quality of life and I couldn't be the mum I was before. I felt useless.

I went to the doctor and begged for help. Acupuncture was suggested, so I tried it. It worked for a few days then I would go back for more. It seemed to give me enough energy to get through a weekend just so I could get out of bed.

Again after week 12 I was well and back to myself again. Our bodies are amazing. Why? Because morning sickness is a protection mechanism that safe guards our unborn foetus.

Anything our body rejects through illness, smells etc is usually because it is or could be harmful or toxic in the first few months of development.

Think - in cave man times if a woman and man would eat off the land, plants, berries etc maybe they were toxic to the foetus so her body made her feel ill to stop her from eating anything harmful. This is what my specialist told me.

If a woman craves something it is usually because her body needs it. I craved onion, which is an antibiotic to the body. 

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