Morning sickness stories: 'I will never do it again'

Last updated 05:00 10/12/2012

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I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with both of my pregnancies. With my first I was admitted into hospital numerous times due to dehydration.

It was a horrible time, but at about 20 weeks or so the sickness seemed to get more manageable with medication. I still felt awful but I could tolerate some food and water, which is why I thought I could cope when it came to making the decision to have another child. Little did I know how much worse I would be.

The sickness started at about seven weeks, and every waking moment of the day and night I vomited.

No medication helped. I was admitted in to hospital where they hydrated me, then I got discharged a few days later. The next few weeks continued like this. 

I had to move in with my wonderful mother who looked after my little girl so my husband could go to work. She became mother to my child and nurse to me.

At about 11 weeks I couldn't cope, I had nothing left. Mum came home from town to find me lying in a cold shower so she picked me up and took me to hospital were I was admitted.

The doctors put an endoscope down to check for damage of my insides then decided that my stomach could not handle any more so I had a peripherally inserted central catheter (PIC) inserted into my main artery so I could be nourished though my veins. I was nil by mouth from that day onwards and I was not allow to leave hospital for risk of infection. It is a very lonely place to be in when you are that miserable you don't think it will ever end.

When I was about 20 weeks they gave me a nasogastric tube. If that worked I was allowed to go home and feed myself via machine. But the problem was that I kept vomiting it up, too.

I was adamant I was going home so every time I threw it up I would go back down to the emergency department to get it reinserted, which, at a guess, would have been about 20 times but it was the only way I was going to be able to be with my little girl.

I had that tube until I was 37 weeks pregnant. The vomiting never went away. It was only thanks to the support that I had that I was able to continue with my pregnancy.

Now I have a wonderful little boy but I know I will never do it again.

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