I want to ride my bicycle where I like

Last updated 05:00 07/12/2012

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I am a student at Victoria University and I also work in a bike shop. As a student of the architecture school my studies are based on bikes, looking at promoting cycling at holistic level.  I believe Wellington is one of the more cycle-friendly cities in New Zealand

There are currently many people commuting to work on their bicycles, especially during the summer season. I ride my bike wherever I go. I'm sick of walking and sick of being stuck in Wellington's traffic.

As a typical student I try to spend as little as possible, but I cannot do that with having a car. The car is there to get back to my hometown and sometimes to work in bad weather. But it's no good for driving in the city. Riding bikes through the city without running any lights is still quicker than driving.

Drivers tend to get annoyed when you meet them at each traffic light repetitively over one stretch of road. But that's the benefit of cycling - it reduces congestion and provides environmental, health and economical benefits.

The bad side to cycling is that it is perceived to be dangerous and people don't like the look of themselves wearing a stupid helmet. Authorities want you to wear a helmet to be safe, but it provides a false sense of security. People think that wearing a helmet makes you invincible. A cyclist with a helmet won't be as careful as a person that is not wearing a helmet.

Cyclists will be safer on the road when sufficient cycling infrastructure is built. Cycling in numbers will allow other road users to be more aware of cyclists. 

I battle with issues of safety, hilly terrain and weather each day and I would stick to cycling whenever possible.

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