Morning sickness lasts all day

Last updated 14:30 07/12/2012

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Reading the previous contributions it become apparent that I was not the only person who suffered with chronic morning sickness.

I read every book about remedies,potions and foods to help to ease the symptoms. I spoke to my midwife and spent countless hours googling but nothing seemed to work.

I was assured by numerous baby experts (previous mothers) that it would all go away after the first trimester. "Yay", I thought. Some good news at last. I might feel normal soon and not like my body is trying to reject this baby growing inside me.

But no. I had nine months' worth of morning sickness so the so-called experts were wrong! On that, I would like to know why it is called morning sickness? Because for me it was morning, noon and night.

I kept working through all of this. My boss was really quite good about it - even buying ginger nuts after he had heard they would help (bless him), but I suffered throughout the day. If I wasn't in the toilet being sick, I was at my desk trying not to think about how long until I was sick again.

The mornings were probably the most tricky as this would set the day in motion: to have breakfast or not? I left home knowing that I may not make the 1.1km walk to work without being sick. But, then again, my body needed the nutrition to get through the day.

Smells, tastes, textures of foods would set me off.

I also developed serious heartburn and taking the antacids made me sick too, so I really couldn't win.

I lost 19.5kgs during the pregnancy. I was never advised by my midwife that this was abnormal or there was anything wrong, she just maintained that I keep up regular exercise to help with the heartburn and eat well. So I just carried on. I had a healthy 7lb baby girl and hope the next pregnancy isn't as rough.

I will offer no advice, except to take care of yourself, and if in doubt check it out.

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