I want to ride me...No need to pay for a car park

Last updated 05:00 09/12/2012
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BIG SAVE: Cycling means faster trips and money saved on parking.

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On learning I would no longer have a car park at work, it was time to oil the chain and get on my bike.

No longer do I sit frustrated in long lines of traffic on some of Christchurch's busiest roads, I simply glide by, at around 30km an hour (wind permitting) and arrive at work significantly faster than if I had chosen to drive.

Admittedly, showing up to work sticky and sweaty is not the most pleasant, but the savings in weekly bills is unprecedented.

My commute is 5km each way, and takes about 15 minutes depending on how the light phases treat me. There is no doubt that a car is an important and use aspect of daily life, but as a means of transportation for short A to B trips where no cargo or luggage is needed, biking is hands down the best option.

Walking is too slow; cars, buses and taxis are stuck in traffic for far too long, and trains simply do not exist in Christchurch.

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