Ban alcohol advertising please

Last updated 11:30 10/12/2012
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HEINEKEN OPEN: Jan Drinkwater says we need to find another way to sponsor sports that doesn't involve alcohol.

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Having recently returned to New Zealand after living overseas for a number of years I am quite shocked to see advertising of alcohol on TV at times when teenagers and kids would be watching.

These ads glamourise alcohol by showing it as cool and sophisticated.

Alcohol was not allowed to be advertised in the past, so what has changed? It seems very naive of the government to allow it. It makes me think our government is wea and alcohol companies are so strong they can bulldoze these ads back on to TV. Where are our moral watchdogs? Smoking sponsorship and ads are now banned. How is alcohol different? Get it off the TV. Find another way to sponsor sports.

I recall seeing on a billboard in Nelson many years ago which said: "A kid in sport is a kid out of court."

This has stuck in my head for years as a very appropriate sentiment. If we can be blackmailed by alcohol barons in to allowing alcohol ads on TV in return for sponsorship, our national morals have sunk to a record low.

New Zealand - get alcohol ads off TV. Show some backbone.

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