Can you fix the economy? Get rid of benefits

Last updated 11:30 10/12/2012

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If the high dollar is holding New Zealand back why is Australia  prospering more than us while their dollar is at an all time high?

If New Zealand wants to prosper we need to get rid of benefits. We have a benefit and payout for everything. If you add up all the benefits like working for families, free child care, housing allowances, sickness, superannuation and medical, these are the tip of the iceberg.

We have two choices: Stay as we are and get poorer as those paying all the taxes get fed up and they leave New Zealand, or change our benefit system.

When it was announced recently that unemployment had risen, I heard on the radio that employers were desperately looking for workers but the commitment to do a decent days work was not there. The dole is much easier.

If businesses can't get decent, hard workers they will move overseas. 

NZ is becoming a haven for old people and beneficiaries. Look at Christchurch - massive unemployment but no-one capable to do the rebuild.

If successive governments keep this regime people will continue to pack up and leave.

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