Loved ones remembered: My bro was my idol

Last updated 11:30 11/12/2012
Chris and his truck.

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I don't think we always liked each other, but I know for sure that we loved each other.

My big brother Chris was my idol as a kid, the person I wanted to spend time with the most, even though he thought I was a pest. But he was always there with me at school making sure I was alright from a distance.

Our parents divorced but we were still a loving family. I didn't see you much for a while you were upset and angry and wouldn't see me at Mum's house but I understood. You became the cool older brother for your teenage sister and her friends, even though you still had a hard exterior.

Becoming a truck driver was your passion and you were so happy. You always wanted me to come on rides in your truck and you made me feel so special.

Then bad times hit again with our beloved Grandad's death. You were the one holding my hand all through the ceremony. But I knew it took its toll on you a lot harder than me. He was your idol and he was gone.

Life carried on but you really weren't the same since Grandad passed. Things seemed to be looking up with a new house and partner. But suddenly everything fell apart and five days after you moved home you were gone. That phone call from Mum was the hardest thing to endure. I thought it was a horrible joke.

I know you thought ending your life was your only option but we all miss you so much. Never again can I text you any time day or night for anything. I can't see you ever again and our half brother will never truly know how awesome his big bro really was, and your daughter will never know what a rascal you were.

Just remember we always loved you and always will, until we meet again.


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