Changing Kiwi booze culture: She won't be right, mate

Last updated 14:30 11/12/2012
Has New Zealand produced multiple generations of careless, thoughtless, boozy men?

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Over the past few decades New Zealand has built a social culture of all fun and no responsibility - let someone else pick up the pieces. I have seen work mates blow off work and other responsibilities for sport events, good times and quick thrills with the catch phrase 'she'll be right, no worries'.

This attitude is at the heart of our nation's ills. We have produced multiple generations of careless, thoughtless irresponsible men. We are Neverland filled with lost boys and pirates.

Well, it's time to grow up. Those of us in Christchurch have, to the most part, learned that life is hard and our decisions have consequences. If we look at the CTV tragedy its root cause was an attitude of 'she'll be right', 'not my problem' and the end result was people died.

We need to make consequences harsh and real - no more turning a blind eye because he's a good bloke and really good at footy, a good laugh or still young. If you pull a sicky - you're fired. If you drink drive - no license right away. If you're drunk in public - go to jail. Use foul language? Instant fine.

This nation needs a prolonged time out. We need to change our focus from sporty, boozy behaviour to more civil things. We should stop funding sports and invest in the sciences and education. We should get rid of pointless celebrations of sports which in the long run contribute nothing of value to our nation. How does it make sense to celebrate an illiterate thug who can run well, but gets in fights as a way to prove his manhood.

A man was once noted for wisdom, self-control, forethought, honesty and doing a job well. These traits are now what our culture looks down on while carelessness, deceit, boozy rage and an attitude of 'I don't care' have become our defining nature.

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