I want to ride my... CHCH should be the cycling city

Last updated 09:30 12/12/2012
Cycle Christchurch
Judith Doyle
CYCLE CITY: With its flat terrain and great climate, Christchurch is an ideal city for cyclists.

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I believe Christchurch should be New Zealand's cycling city. It's flat and has a great climate.

Yes, we have traffic congestion problems, so let's rebuilt smart. Let's rebuild as a cycling city.

Portland, USA, has in twenty years turned itself around, to be the cycling city in the Northern American continent. It did this simply by diverting 1 per cent of the roading budget in to cycle lanes.

Currently in Christchurch about 5 per cent of people cycle, so lets invest 5  per cent of our road funding in to cycling. We all win when the roads are safer and less congested. We could be the cycling city within five years.

The award winning 'Share an idea' campaign found overwhelming support for a cycle and pedestrian-friendly city. Let's spend our road taxes fairly and give cycling a chance.

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